Webinar on : Trade and Gender- “How Can the International Trade Policies Empower Women andPromote Gender Equality”

The WTO-Chairs of the University of Jordan, University of Chile, and the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México have jointly organized webinar on Trade and Gender- “How Can the International Trade Policies Empower Women and Promote Gender Equality”.  The webinar was held on Tuesday 26th, 2021 using zoom and through the Atheer Center facility at the University of Jordan. The webinar’s distinguished presenters/speakers included experts from WTO, UNCTAD, OECD , Austrian Federal Deputy Minister for Commerce and Digitalization. From Jordan her excellency Maha Ali Former Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade and Supply, covered extensively gender gap developments and initiatives of empowering women in Jordan and the region. The webinar was moderated by Professor Taleb Awad Warrad, the WTO-Chair Holder and the coordinator of the Chair Programme at the University of Jordan. Speakers covered important topics including: how to adjust commercial policy to economically empower women, the role of reginal trade agreements and WTO rules in bridging gender gap, exploring the links through which trade affect gender gap, challenges and opportunities to achieve gender equality and how trade affect women differently than men. The webinar was attended by participants from academia, policy makers, and researchers interested in the issue of empowering women and achieving gender equality through trade. The webinar is part of the academic outreach activities supported by WTO.