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The projects comprise a mixture of elements — increased course offerings on trade, policy-relevant research, and outreach activities aimed at raising awareness of trade-related policy issues.


Proposed Activities

Nature of Activity



Research Grants:  researchers from the Faculty of Business-UJ

A total of seven proposals submitted by faculty members were approved in the first round.

Deadline for final draft February 6, 2011.


UJ -WTO library Unit

Library to serve faculty members and students

Long run project-under progress


Export Diploma Program

One year academic programme

Long run project-under progress


Trade policies: international comparison

2 days Workshop

3-5 November,



Introducing a new course on contemporary issues related to WTO and regional trade agreements

Curriculum development of  the PhD programme  in the  Department of Business Economic s

Under progress


Launching Ceremony of the WTO Chair Programme



February 8, 2011


WTC Project Competition: University Students to Promote WTO and WTO related issues

Project Competition

Announced first on October 2010

To be repeated at the beginning of each semester


Training students from marketing department on WTO and international trade and finance.

Training – 1 day


December 2010.


Promoting  the WTO Chair Programme and WTO related Issues

via domestic medias

Chair holder Interviews with:

1-   The University of Jordan FM-Radio Programme

2- Hawa Amman FM Radio

3- Short news on WTC in domestic press



October  2010


November 2010

Different dates during   2010



Lecture on “World Trade Development Report” (experts from UNCTAD)




Lecture on the role of WTO in International Business and the future of international trade system (experts from WTO)


Video conferencing in cooperation with  UNCTAD ‘VI,  for Faculty Members and Students of the Department of Business Economics


Video conferencing

December 22, 2010. Through Atheer Centre at UJ




Scheduled for second semester 210/2011 through Atheer Centre at UJ


Formal contact to related governmental ministries including carrying out direct visit by WTO -Chair Holder to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Explanation of WTC Programme and coordinating plan regarding research project topics and further follow-up.



Implication of WTO agreement to the Jordanian Economy

Workshop – 1 day


Planned for March 30, 2011


Seminar on Trade-Related Issues

Research Seminar for graduate students

Planned for May 15, 2011


WCP Website development

Constructing a website publicizing all WCP’s activities and announcements

Basic infrastructure ended February 2011.


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